Erisian Dialogues
with due apologies to Socrates and Plato

Very few people, indeed, have heard of the Classical Erisian Chaosophers. This may be because they wrote in an ancient Greek version of disappearing ink, but it is more likely because they were only recently invented. Don't let this prejudice you; many a fictitious character has said something of great importance (to say nothing of the pithy truths that ventriloquist dummies have provided) that the author (or ventriloquist) would never have come up with on his own or be caught dead saying.
In this case, of course, it's just more of my silliness trying to move fast enough to look like a crowd. (Hell, if Gulik can do it, so can I.) I also like the idea of appealing to the authority of the ancient technique of appealing to ancient authorities to defend one's ideas. Go figure.
      Here's a list of the Erisian Dialogues (``dialogue,'' by the way, is ancient Greek for ``talking for two days,'' regardless of what modern dictionaries say. This should come as no particular surprise to anyone who has ever read one) that I've unearthed thus far, linked in that paper-doll Next Back format. It's a little more linear than I like to be, but it'll do.