Discordian Saints

I suppose the Official Word (to the extent that such a thing even exists in Discordianism) on Discordian Saints comes from Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, cofounder of Discordianism:
Times weren't always so easy. When in 1968 I first declared myself a Saint, Gregory Hill (better known by his Discordian Holy Name, Malaclypse the Younger) said, ``That's impossible,'' insisting, ``Only dead people can be Saints,'' adding, ``and fictional characters,'' guessing, ``You are neither one.''
      But it happened that, although I was no longer a believer, I was still on the membership roles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So Greg was too late. Me and all the Mormons were already Saints -- and some of us living ones -- no matter what he said.
      Nowadays only the Mormons have more Saints than the Discordian Society. But we plan to catch up with them. Won't you please join our Sainthood Drive? Moral perfection isn't necessary for Discordian Sainthood. You just have to suffer a lot.

Now, consider the implications of the preceding passage. Since every person is a Pope, (and thus infallible, as is discussed more fully in Discordian Eristocracy), and Popes are authorized to canonize Saints, anyone has the ability to ordain themselves -- and anyone or anything else -- a Saint (though you should consider the Semi-Official Classification Scheme when doing so).
      This being the case, Pope Icky Fundament, PZK has been consulting his pineal gland and canonizing all sorts or people, places and things [most recently the unfortunately deceased Saint the Duke of Prunes, GW (Frank Zappa). -- Icky]. His demented musings (Hail Eris) are collected in a short but growing collection entitled The Book of the Lives of the Saints. I, for my part, was only too happy to canonize Saint Andrew, Martyr of the Missed Joke.