The I'll Scratch Your Back If You Scratch Mine Department

We here at HyperDiscordia are always surfing around the 'net, as They say, in search of links pointing back at our site in an orgy of ego-massagism and bolsterism. We were amused to discover the many places pointing at us, the categories under which HyperDiscordia was placed, and the occasional editorial comments. Never ones to collect data to no purpose, we have hereby collected all the sites we can find what have pointers to HyperDiscordia. These sites were carefully gleaned from many long hours of communation with our pineal gland and many more minutes making use of the various robot indexes of the World Wide Web. (You will also be amused -- or else.)

      For the sake of completeness -- and because we feel slightly guilty for using their resources without some kind of attribution -- here's a list of the Web searching whaddyacalls to which we've submitted HyperDiscordia's URL and which we used to find the sites that point back at us.
      (We've also noticed, much to our chagrin, that the number of sites we get back from the Web robots increases almost daily. This means we'll never get everyone. That's too bad, because if there's anything we like, it's a Complete Set. Of whatever, it doesn't matter, as long as it's complete.)
      Most importantly, the aliens at Submit It! are cool, because they allowed us to find and submit ourselves to all these links without actually having to expend effort. And when you're under the influence of your pineal gland, believe me, effort is not what you're good at.

      Anyway, links:
      One of the odder places we've been to is Roger's Discoridan Art Gallery, which doesn't strictly link back to us, though he's stolen a lot of artwork from us. Why our work should be grouped with Discoridans, we don't know, but there you are. Roger is typical of the kind of strange typos one finds on the Web.
      Pablo here has us listed under the heading, ``And you thought I was Bizarre?'' (Yes, Pablo, we did, but now we know better.) He pontificates further: ``Here is the seamy, the odd, the strange underbelly of the net, along with some stuff I threw in because I was not sure where else to stick it.'' We can only hope that HyperDiscordia falls under stuff he didn't know where to stick, though if he'd just called us, we could have told him. He does laud us specifically, though, with the phrase, ``Go anarchy!!'' Anarchists? Us?
      In keeping with the anarchy theme, Rob van Son has us listed under ``Anarchy on the Web''. Billy Rock does, too, as does the intriguingly named Ivar Aarsnes. If this keeps up, we're going to feel misunderstood. Bernardo Vasquez, a REAL Dominican-American, is a little closer when he classifies us under ``Mischief Ethics''. Meanwhile, Gary Thompson II, U High keeps things in some sort of perspective by calling us ``Hacker/Techno frobnitz.'' Too bad a quick look through the Akashic Records turned up nothing on the term ``frobnitz,'' so you're not authorized for that information.
      In another incredible leap of context, HyperDiscordia is listed as a ``Mystical'' or ``Occult'' site by no fewer than one bazillion sites. There's Robin (no relation to Batman, we hope), for example, who says that he has an ``extensive collection of Mystical and Occult related Web Pages'', thereby killing two stones with one bird. Jonathan ``I'll take an H, an F, and an N, Pat'' Kaufman has us listed in his Occult List, and Isis Unveiled -- truly an Unusual or Deep Site of the Day (at least on July 12, 1995) -- puts us with other Notable Illuminaries under the heading ``The Illuminated Internet''. Similarly, Jason lists HyperDiscordia on his ``Pagan pages around the world'' page. Adding insult to injury, Aunt Bunny considers us part of ``Pagan, Occult, New Age''. And David has us under ``Magic, Religion, and Spirituality''. As if this weren't enough, we found that we're listed on New Age Web Works. And, totally trying to discredit us, Tezcat Communications has lined us up with ``Law, Politics, Religion and Social Theory.'' This user says blech. But succeeding in truly burying any hope we had for credibility was left for John ``Llew'' Onorato, who lists us as a ``Wiccan Resource.'' We'd rather be pelted with love beads until we say ``Groovy.'' (Don't try it.) Swinging the pendulum in the other direction, Thor J. Thomas outlaws us with his ``Heretical Links''. Burn, baby, burn. Andy Ferrell thinks we're ``Magick.'' Actually, we're Mahjick, which is, of course, cooler than magic, Magic, and far cooler than Magick.
      More appropriately, perhaps, are the even more than one bazillion sites that thoughtfully group HyperDiscordia under the rubrics ``weird,'' ``strange,'' ``odd,'' ``bizarre,'' ``tasteful,'' and the cryptic ``misc.'' The full catalog of these nice names we've been called is:
      Still others have classified us as a religion or a philosophy. We find this most comforting, since no one else takes us seriously. The most wordy of these people is Jon Lasser (another Searcher For the H), who writes, ``Some of the most fascinating interpretations of reality are the province of what are often termed `Joke religions' I tend to believe that they are more likely `Joke' Religions, being that there are many truths disguised as humor lurking within these religions.'' Despite his lack of punctuation, he goes on to list HyperDiscordia among ``Tomorrow's Traditions Today.'' Also, the surely subversive group Compact for Responsive Electronic Writing considers us part of ``Myths & Theos''. And as long as that kid Theo from The Cosby Show isn't there too, we're happy. woj says succintly and lowercasedly, ``amen!'' And so do we. ClearCom lists HyperDiscordia under ``Philosophy,'' just above Objectivism. Can someone please define the term ``objectivism''? And, furthering our credibility, the official-sounding Information Center for the Environment puts us in their ``Humanities'' list. Mayhap we should branch out into other fields -- ``Orangutanities'' or somesuch.
      The Great and Ballyhooed Yahoo even has HyperDiscordia listed; originally, they had tossed us into the unsavory salad of ``Society and Culture:Cyberculture:Religions''. (On the day that we truly become ``Cyberculture,'' please shoot us each twice in the head.) Since this page went up, however, they've moved us under ``Society and Culture:Religion:Humor:Discordian''. It's nice to know they're listening.
      Andrew Russ, referring to our masterpiece of original thought, writes, ``I think it's a tongue-in-cheek religion/conspiracy theory or something.'' We love you, too. Rod is certain to get us in trouble by calling us names, specifically ``Non-Christian loonies and crackpots!'' on his Fighting the Religious Right Page. If anyone in jackboots knocks on our doors, we'll know who to refer them to. Gordon also places us under ``Religion & Philosophy'', but what does he know? Loren Stafford cruelly classifies us under ``Extropy,'' and comments, ``Wonder what this is all about.'' We've taken your command literally, my dear, and now we're stuck. Kevin Cole lists us under ``Mysticism''. And we were enlightened.
      A number of places put us in cahoots with books, magazines, publications, and other spawn of Satan:
      Some people just list us as fun or interesting or cool, but then this is from a culture that uses ``fun'' for food -- as in ``Fun new shapes in Chef Boyardee's X-Men Spaghetti-O's!'' -- ``interesting'' in Laugh-In, and ``cool'' in regards to chewing gum, so take it with a molecule of NaCl. These people or disorganizations, in a particular order of which you will not be appraised, are:
  1. Peter
  2. Joakim
  3. FreedomPAGE
  4. Patrick
  5. World Power Systems (the Punk as Fuck people)
  6. Joel
  7. Doug, the one with the hat on
  8. This person
  9. Ryan of the Crazy Fingers
  10. The Back Page
  11. Shawn
  12. Ken
  13. Martin
  14. Danny
  15. Vicki

      To keep things interesting, a few pages list HyperDiscordia with no heading, no preamble, no nothing (except for some, who add the redundant and reiterative ``Discordia'' heading):
      And a couple of pages miss the point entirely. Or, perhaps, they get the point more fully than was expected. For example, the Illuminati of the Grand Recursive Order of the Knights of the Lambda Calculus place HyperDiscordia under ``Other Conspiracies,'' apparently unaware that we are the only conspiracy; this person lists us as being part of ``Internet culture'' -- just when we'd gotten used to being counter-culture, too; the people at Stone Worship Design list us under ``Sublimation of the Ego,'' subcategory ``Modern (?) Systems'', and so does Mobo, who seems to have simply scammed his hotlist from SWD; and for some reason, both WQAM Sportsradio (odd name) and the Global Commerce Link think we're a ``cyber-village.'' Confusing to us, though, is Hank, who lists us under the heading ``MedGothic.'' This sounds like it might be the gag line partickle paired with the straight line partickle, ``What do you get if you cross ER with Dark Shadows (besides tired of television)?'' And Sean mixes us up with ``Astrology, Higher Self, etc.'' There's that worrisome etc contingent again.
      And, out of all of these, only Will is straightforward enough to list us under ``What's New,'' further noting that our ``What's REALLY New?'' dates are given in the Discordian calendar.
      The best part about collecting these sites, though, was reading all the little reviews. We'll be sure to use them on our upcoming book's jacket.
        One of the all-around best links in the whole wide
        world. If you're one of my many friends who still looks at
        me oddly, check this link out and learn why.

                                --Shig the Unmentionable, TBA
        That ever-growing fungal organ of Erisianism.

                                --Cosma Rohilla Shalizi
        Pretty self explanatory.

                                --Jai and Morgana

        ``Hyperdiscordianism'' pushes you toward an even
        more meaningful understanding of the Eris. You'll laugh,
        you'll cry, and when you die... the battle for your soul
        Start learning about the Sacred Chao. There is much
        truth hidden between the lies of Malclypse the Younger.
        Or Go For the Straight-Out Book of Lies in HyperDiscordia,
        Confusion for a New Generation.

                                --Joshua Aasgaard

        These are stranger places to hang out....
        Straight from New Joysey, it's the grand new funk at
        HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation.

                                --Chris Bentzel

        u can pop off to HYPERdiscordia, which is truly
        one of the BEST drugs out there. ;>

                                --Da Vampyre

        And here are some neat-o ass conspiracy pages....
        [HyperDiscordia] is one of the best Discordian Sites
        I've found.


        My Top Ten WWW Pages....  All Hail Eris! HyperDiscordia!

                                --Steven R. Staton

        I am a proud Discordian, which means I worship Eris,
        the Goddess of Chaos. Well, maybe I don't worship,
        necessarily, but I am a Keeper of the Sacred Chao (thus
        the initials KSC after my name) and I do abstain from
        eating hot dog buns.

                                --The Honorable Dr. Bruce ``Kaffy'' Zambini,
                                  Esq, KSC

        If you don't see the fnord it can't hurt you.

                                --Dr. Russo



        If you are looking for peace and relaxation don't
        get off your surfboard here.

                                --Josh ``Teack''

        [I'm] a discordian, or would be if I wasn't an

                                --Robert ``Grendel'' Reay

        I've just discovered the
        neatest of all neat stuff.  Everyone with Web access
        should check it out.

                                --Ian Paul Foot

        Don't think we can compete with the cable companies?
        Well check out this delightful array of programming
        entertainment....  HyperDiscordia -- for those who like
        it bouncing.

                                --The Gnu Cabal

        God is a crazy woman....  and she's got lots of
        worshipers on-line.


        The baddest and saddest of the Web, selected
        occasionally by random members of the Computing Science Dept.

                                --The Department of Computing Science
                                  at the University of Aberdeen

        Nothing more can be said about this. Visit
        and be enlightened -- if you dare.

                                --UWI's Web's Edge

        Nothing more can be said about this. Visit
        and be enlightened -- if you dare.

                                --Geko Internet Services
[I'm detecting a pattern. -- Icky]

        Nothing more can be said about this.

                                --Bill Latura

        Don't ask questions, just click here.

                                --Neal Kettler

        There's an anti-Slack movement starting up at
        Principia Discordia, Principia Cybernetica, and
        here's HyperDiscordia and Generality.

                                --Andrew Tong

        Utter bollocks.


        A nice laugh or five.

                                --David Arceneaux

        Hyperlinked sister of Illuminati online, maybe
        Steve Jackson runs the world.

                                --Mike Holzman

        And now for something completely different....

                                --The people at Imagesmith

        Hyperdiscordia is chaos on the net.

                                --Christopher D. Moore

        The Discordian Bible for all those lovers of
        chaos and humour. Not to be missed if you wish to
        understand the internet in-jokes.

                                --Glass Wings

        Wierdness, oh no!

                                --Paul Linford
[There it is again.  Well, while we can't explain what it is, we heartily agree
to be wierd. -- Icky]

        If you know who Eris is, and/or what the Illuminati
        is, you might want to check out HyperDiscordia and
        Illuminati Online. They are both REALLY cool and
        have a lot of cool information for the newbie
        Discordian. Anyone who's seen them before will
        likely say the same thing. Also, between the two of
        them, they have lots of links to other cool
        Discordian web sites.


        [A] wacky yet serious yet stupid yet brilliant
        Discordian page.

                                --Lloyd Powell

        [A] hypertext mishmash of Discordianism and suchlike.

                                --Pope Max Flax Beeblewax

        HyperDiscordianism is even more insidious than the 
        plain variety.

                                --The Illuminati

        HyperDiscordia is based on the premise that there 
        are only two types of people in life: those who 
        get it and those who don't. Duh! Here you'll find 
        wonderfully twisted intellects sacrificing themselves 
        on the altar of gibberish. Or something like that.


        Watch your brain explode in the realm of HyperDiscordia.

                                --Rich Singleton

        This place is just a mess. Hail Eris!

                                --Sector 6

        Hail Eris!  Try learning about the Discordians.

                                --Richelle K. Mead

        ``Hail Eris!''

                                --Slobbering Skeleton

        The Episkopos Aloysius Thudthwacker has 
        assembled a groovy little netplace called 
        Hyperdiscordia, which was my first exposure 
        to Discordianism (don't worry -- he was gentle). 
        Hyperdiscordia has some Principia stuff, but 
        a lot of it is original -- which is exactly 
        how it should be.

                                --Beatus Ffungo
[Ah, there's nothing like a virgin brain.  -- Icky]

        Described as probably the most unhinged site on 
        the Web.

                                --Kevin Symonds
[There we go, being wierd again.  -- Icky]

        Discordian resources and various other tidbits. 


        A sort of mish-mash of Discordian stuff.

                                --Pope Thebes

        Possibly the most circular page on the web.

                                --John Halewood

        Finaly [sic], after gaining much wisdom, you 
        may grok the Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension 
        and the plane of HyperDiscordia.


        The Episkopos Aloysius Thudthwacker seems 
        like an amusing kind o' guy...  And one of 
        his colleagues has written a pretty good 
        summary of just what Discordianism is, not 
        to mention a quite monstrous Map of HyperDiscordia.

                                --The Rt. Rev. Wor. Dr. Y Foo

        It's called HYPERDISCORDIA, it's incredible, 
        and it has to be seen to be (dis)believed...


        Q: How do you get a Discordian to click 
        A: Fnord!
        Disclaimer: Only Discordians can understand 
        the above joke.

                                --Jean Bond

        Satire with a razor edge.

                                --Cliff Craner

        The HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New 
        Generation Web page has the distinct pleasure 
        of being able to impart confusion to more 
        than just the `new generation.' Contained 
        within, you may praise Eris, who may have 
        been a Greek Goddess, or view pictures of her, 
        one of more moral fiber than the other.  An 
        essay called `Keeper of Truth,' is about 
        enlightenment brought on by Eris when the 
        author was contemplating a wooden block. A 
        number of other irreverent essays are also 
        here for your viewing pleasure.

                                --Magellan, McKinley's Internet Directory

        True HTML strangeness! Try clicking on the 
        links as quickly as possible.

                                --The Marquis De Iowa

        Subtitled ``Confusion for a New Generation,'' 
        HyperDiscordia is a chronicle of Discordianism, 
        which can be very loosely described as a 
        religion of silly chaos. Much of the material 
        springs from Principia Discordia, the Discordians 
        ``bible,'' so to speak, and the fevered ramblings 
        of Pope Icky Fundament. People familiar with the 
        Church of the SubGenius will feel the same loose 
        religious mockery, but with more intelligence and 
        notably less shouting. Of course, any true 
        Discordian would most likely find this whole 
        description insulting, so you'll have to wend 
        your way through this chaotically-organized site 
        to see for yourself.

                                --Point Communications
[Finally I get the credit I deserve!  Nonetheless, I find this
whole description insulting. -- Icky]

        Done reading the Principia? Swell! Now check out this page
        and see just how dangerous that book can be in the hands 
        of people who know HTML and have a lot of time on their hands.

                                --Pope Marv Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, JKSC

      And we've even gotten a few short foreign language reviews, which we feel very proud to have gotten:
        Lapidum Astrum et Aurum.

                                --Mark Domenic Amadeo Tripp Pesce

        Für Diskordier.

                                --Benjamin Bärmann

        Moje magiczne linki na Internecie.



                                --Jussi Vainikainen

So, was the trip worth it? You tell me.