How to Make a Sheet for the Diarrhea Memorial Toilet Roll

All kinds of people have made sheets for the Toilet Roll and they're all almost identical. You don't have to be an artist or a paper industry professional to create a moving personal tribute. But you do have to care--you have to care so much that you'll send us money. You have to care so much that every time you see a roll of toilet paper you'll think of us and send us more money. You have to care enough to write your Congressman and make demands. But you don't have to care enough to actually do anything.

To create a sheet for the Toilet Roll just follow these steps:

Design the sheet:

Write us a letter:
Please take the time to write a one-or two-page letter about the person you've remembered. We won't read it--frankly, we couldn't care less--but when we show politicians the size of the pile of letters they will be impressed. Please use thick paper. You do know how to write, don't you?

Make a donation:
Since you are able, make a donation to help pay for the cost of adding your sheet to the Toilet Roll. The PAPER Project Foundation depends on the support of sheetgivers to preserve the Toilet Roll and keep it on display. Without your support we might have to go out and get jobs--maybe even in medicine, and then we might do some good without getting an ego boost. A gift of any amount is welcome, but the larger the better. Gifts of $250 or less will be used to buy us lunch. Gifts of between $250 and $10,000 will be used to buy us nice office furniture and pay our rent. Gifts larger than that will be used to buy Congressmen.

Fill out the sheetgiver information card:
This provides us with vital information about you and your sheet. Without this information we'd have a hard time selling it.

Send us the sheet

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