IllumiNet Press Title List

I, personally, have only read Zenarchy, so I just yanked the descriptions from an IllumiNet Press leaflet I had lying about.
Visionaries, Mystics & Contactees by Salvador Freixedo
Salvador Freixedo made an exhaustive and comparative study of all religions and found common patterns among them. He came to understand that ``miracles'' were actually commonplace phenomena, that reality has always been altered, and that the interaction of humans with other, non-human intelligences could be traced back to the beginnings of recorded history. Freixedo's thinking has been influenced by the works of John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee, but in Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees he applies the concepts to create a synthesis linking religion, paranormal phenomena and ufology.
The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel
For thirteen months the entire town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was gripped by a dark terror that culminated in a tragedy that made headlines all over the world. This is a story that contains all the elements of a modern science fiction movie but every single word is true and fully documented by famed journalist John A. Keel.
The Idle Warriors by Kerry W. Thornley
A portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald written before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Subpoenaed by the Warren Commission and stored in the National Archives since 1965, this book finally emerges from obscurity!
Zenarchy by Kerry W. Thornley
Zen is meditation. Archy is social order. Zenarchy is the social order which holds universal enlightenment prerequisite to abolition of the State. (And now, you can see Zenarchy itself at the impropaganda web site.)