In the Cards

Yahweh peered at Eris over His cards.
      ``Why do You suppose,'' He asked meaningfully, ``that I always seem to attract so many ladies? See and raise five.''
      ``The same reason so many men are drawn to Me,'' She replied absently. ``No one wants to think that their sex is responsible for reality. See Your five and call.''
      ``It has been said that there are many rooms in My mansion,'' Yahweh boomed confidently, ``But Lo! My house is full. Queens over Jacks, m'Dear.''
      ``Four fives...'' Eris began, then paused. ``Oh, no,'' She corrected Herself. ``Oh, that's much better.'' Eris hurriedly switched Her cards around, a smile spreading across Her face. ``What is the difference,'' She asked excitedly, ``between two Fools and a King?''
      ``Er,'' Yahweh responded, a bit flustered, ``A crown?''
      ``Not quite, but that's the guess I would expect from You,'' Eris replied, laying down Her hand, ``As you can see, there is no difference. Kings over fives, by the way. A winning hand and a new twist on an old puzzle. Oh, I am hot tonight. You've gotten around to the whole night/day thing, right? Oh, You must have or You wouldn't be resting, I suppose.''
      Yahweh looked down at Her hand, astonished and even more confused. ``But there weren't any Jokers in the deck!'' He managed.
      ``Oh, Hon,'' Eris said, smiling a bit sadly as She gathered Her winnings from the center of the table, ``There are always Jokers in the deck.''