There are lots of papers coming out called ``Toward'' and you wonder when they're going to get there. And if you ask toward people when they're going to get there, they say, ``Well, we don't know how to get there, and we don't even know where we're going.'' Well, I think real people know where they're going. One example is an airplane pilot. I once got on an airplane, and the pilot came over the loudspeaker and said: ``This flight is going toward New York.'' I said: ``Let me out of here, I want to go to New York.'' Then I went to a hospital to have my tonsils out, and the surgeon said: ``I am going to take some steps toward taking out your tonsils.'' In other words: real people don't say ``toward.'' They say, ``That's where I'm going and that's where I'm going to get.'' Well that takes care of toward and away from, and maybe away from is even better than toward. At least if you get away from, you can look at it more clearly.

     -- Eric Berne