Pope JPII American Tour '95

Popes, it has been said, should look out for other Popes. This is, naturally, a barrel of chicken gizzards (though it should be pointed out that some people like chicken gizzards, and therein is a great Mystery). However, temporary support of a silly maxim for the purpose of a good joke is always a valid and enjoyable way to pass the afternoon. Therefore, as a show of Popetic Solidarity, the Ickmeister has cranked out (in but a couple of days) a tee-shirt design to commemorate the Catholic Pontiff's visit to the States. And I gotta say, JP has never looked better. Also available are close-ups of the front and back of the tee shirt.
So far, we're having three or four of these shirts made up. However, if there's enough interest, we're considering perhaps having screens made (for those not In The Know, ``enough'' in this case probably has to number in the hundreds for it to be worth it). If you would like to have your very own shirt, send mail to our Zen Jewish friend, Adam Levin (who is good with both money and manna [and who, incidentally, might be wearing his tee while he's an usher at the Giants Stadium Mass]), with ``Pope JPII Tee Shirt'' or something like it in the subject line. We'll get back to you if it looks like we're going to do the silkscreen thang.