Immoral Exempla -- The Episkopos' Tale

I, for my part, once did an Awful Thing, which convinced me once and for all that puns are not something you do, but rather something that happens to you. The Goode Pope Icky Fundament, PZK, and I were hanging about the lunch room one day, when our Digital Rep walked in.
      ``Hey,'' said Pope Icky, ``Did you lose weight?''
      ``Nah,'' replied the Rep, ``I just started buying bigger shirts. It's easier.''
      ``I'd have to go to Omar the Tentmaker if I wanted bigger shirts,'' Pope Icky the Ever Sharp countered.
      ``But you'd look so chic!'' a voice chimed in.
      My voice.
      The entire room stared at me in horror; I tried to do the same, but they weren't buyin' it. If they weren't left so weak, I think I would have been lynched.
      So be aware that just the right poking can cause even the best of us to issue puns and, therefore, we should always be aware of the dangers of a goaded pun.