Saint Augustine

You probably know more about the Good Saint than you might think. You may have heard the ``You only find fault with the Bible because you don't understand it; if you did understand it, then you'd know it was without fault'' argument. That was his. He'd have been a right good Discordian if he didn't usually follow up that line with ``Therefore shall ye burn, heretic'' (another one of his more memorable epigrams).
      According to Lord Omar, Augustine once found himself faced with quite a problem. It seems that there was a town in which there were any number of ``heretics.'' However, there were also a fair number of ``good Christians'' and no way to tell them from the heretics. His solution? He told his men to kill everyone in the town, because ``God will know his own.''
      Like Discordians, Catholics Saint you for atrocities against logic. The two religions differ, though, when it comes to atrocities against people.