Sermonella (ser mon EL uh): 1. The mental illness which results from swallowing half-baked revelation. 2. Any rant which results from such a swallowing.
Of course, Christians don't know the revelation is half-baked, and so mistake their bouts of Sermonella for the very picture of mental health. Discordians, on the other hand, understand the value of downing half-baked revelation (indeed, revel in it), and likewise appreciate its outcome.
      Or, if one uses an analogy which more properly considers the nature and essence of revelation: Discordians suck down half-baked theology the way shamans ingest peyote -- as a part of an elaborate spiritual ceremony directed at self-knowledge and mystical attainment (or else to have a good time [assuming the two are different in some significant way]). Christians think they're eating ham sandwiches at the lunch counter.
      The Not-Quite Right Reverend Doctor Nuncio Hallelujah Terata, caught up in the irreligious fervor of chanelling Godspo Hasken (a 6,000 year old Abyssinian spirit guide) has been known to utter many moving sermonellas, such as ``Sermon from my Mouth'' and his beautifully insightful ``Stolen Holiday.''