Starbuck's Temple

Some acolytes worship the pentagon that appears on the floor of the temple, for it is the manifestation of Heaven upon Earth and represents the enlightenment granted from on high. Other acolytes worship the star that appears on the ceiling of the temple, for it is surely the shape of Heaven itself and represents the divinity toward which all striving should be directed.
      Yet a third group recognizes that both shadows are drawn from the shape of the temple itself, and that neither is more or less true than the other. These acolytes scoff at those who worship mere shadows, and instead worship the temple itself as a symbol of the ultimate and united reality from which all diverse phenomena proceed like so many cast shadows.
      A fourth group sees that the idea of reality is itself a shadow, and is drawn from yet another Reality that is beyond naming, beyond seeing and beyond understanding and is thus only to be wondered at in all its possible and impossible manifestations.
      The fifth group, empty to overflowing, sits laughing at its own omniscient ignorance and gets invited to all of Eris' really kick-ass parties.
(And, speaking of really nifty temples...)