Three of Stooges

The Three of Stooges
In the upright position, the Three of Stooges is representative of personal humor and good-natured chiding; the Physical violence of the Stooges made Spiritual, in other words. If you are uptight joking about someone, it is an urging to let loose a little. If you are uptight about others' humor as it pertains to you, it is an indication that you should mellow out and not take things quite so personally.

Reversed, the Three of Stooges is the negative aspect of humor used for the purpose of hurting someone. This is a destructive aspect, and has no place in the pure heart of a good Discordian. It is a warning that there is a very big Kamic difference between being unintentionally offensive in the course of being funny and disguising malice as a joke (and you wouldn't want your Kama puncturated, because then you'd have to go find yourself a Kama Suture and Goddess knows how many more horrendous puns).