Transcendental Terrorists

This is one of the more radical splinter groups of the Society for Krishna Consciousness (who will, of course, disavow any knowledge of them).
      The TT (or, as they refer to themselves, the ``Children of Militant Enlightenment'') has been known to crash into the homes of innocent agnostics and chant at them forcibly until they achieved Krishna consciousness against their wills. They have claimed responsibility for planting any number of tape recorders in large shopping malls, all of which blared ``Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Hare Hare, Hairy Fishnuts'' (or whatever; I have no truck with such people). The death toll has climbed to upwards of 500 (mostly cable TV execs who committed suicide when they found out that 50% of their suburban viewing audiences had become enlightened and had immediately cancelled cable).
      They frequent airports, where they attempt to blend in with their more docile brethren (they are, however, easily spotted because they insist on absolute purity and hence will wear no fiber that was ever part of any living creature, so they are usually dressed in nylon and polyester). Because of their insistence on wearing polyester and nylon, they are that much less noticeable in the mall (and forget about picking them out if they're sitting at the bride's family table at a wedding reception). However, if you are vigilant, you will be able to spot the powerful (but smiling) boredom in their eyes and alert the friendly neighborhood Mall Cops (who will, hopefully, rush out to call some real law enforcement officials).
      Keep yer eyes peeled, all.