Tweedledee and Treacle Reference

I believe that everyone should read the works of Lewis Carroll, so I've included Gopher links to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to Through the Looking Glass and to The Hunting of the Snark.
      Hopefully, someone (maybe even you) will render this stuff into HyperText and scan in the original illustrations some day. Alas, I fear that I don't have the time to undertake such a project at present (what with this one still trundling along so merrily).
      Actually, I did get bored enough to do one chapter (``Tweedledum and Tweedledee'' from Through the Looking Glass, predictably), and I must say it wasn't that bad. The artwork took a grand total of about half an hour to scan in (using Ye Olde Logiteche ScanMan) and fiddle with (contrastiwise and brilligancy, mostly [ouch]). Once I pulled in the text (using Gopher), it only took me another half hour or so to format it in HyperText, inline the images and link it in here. Those of you with slow Internet links may not want to inspect it, since it does have seven inline images and is a total of about 220K in size.
      For Lewis Carroll fans (that is, people who like the idea of Lewis Carroll spinning in his grave like a turbine) that live in the Garden State (``My goodness, Agatha, there certainly are a lot of seagulls over the petunia patch today''), I offer Jerseywocky, which was dug up by Pope John Paul George Ringo I, resident informavore and general knowledge index (who, natch, has a WWW server on his happy little Linux box).