Gregorian-to-Erisian Date Converter

For your amusement and curiosity, I have set up this form as a front-end to the ddate program so that you might check various and sundry dates that interest you to find their equivalent (some might suggest superior) Discordian dates. The form has handy (read ``monkey-resistant'' -- ddate is known to dump core if its ``month'' and ``day'' fields have unexpected values) dragdowns for months and days, but as something of a necessity allows you to enter a free-text year. The year may be positive or negative -- an appended ``BC'' is roundly ignored. A non-numeric entry is interpreted as a ``0'' (those of you out there who happen to know that there was no year ``0'' and that the Gregorian calendar leaps from 1 B.C. to 1 C.E. may pat yourselves on the back, and, since you're so smart, do the bloody math in your head and stop looking so smug. Those of you who know that September 3rd - September 13th were excised from 1752 by the Gregorian Reformation [and are therefore getting ready to complain that ddate returns non-NULL values for those days] should get out more).
      Neither the ddate program nor I care if you want to find the 31st day in February; it will pretend that there are 31 days in February, and return the appropriate date. Besides, if there are 31 days in your February, who am I to object?
      Have fun.