In case you're planning a trip, it should be noted that, while the Principia is gospel and therefore unquestionable truth, at times it is required of one to read it figuratively -- metaphorically, if you will -- and the passage on Emperor Norton is one example of text that should not be taken literally. In this case, where the Good Book states that Emperor Norton is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, one must, upon careful reading in context and with assiduous comparisons of the various translations of the original manuscript, come to the conclusion that this meant as a parable. In fact, the parallel we must draw is that, as pilgrims to the Last Resting Place of the Good Emperor, we should come with our beings open and cleansed of our preconceptions -- sort of as a clear slate, or perhaps as new wood. And new wood, of course, is green wood, which is our clue that the actual grave of Emperor Norton is, in fact, in Greenlawn Cemetery, not, as the more literal interpretation would have it, Woodlawn Cemetery.
      We here at the HyperDiscordia Research Pavilion and Snack Cake Labs have uncovered for you a map showing the cemetery, which is indeed in Colma, California, near San Francisco.
      This map comes to us from the wonderful folks at GeoSystems Global Corporation who have a rilly neat product (so far free) called MapQuest. Patronize them so they won't mind that we stole their map.