Episkopos Ol' Sam

I mentioned my dealings with Episkopos Ol' Sam in my own autobiographarcicle, so I'll spare you a repeat.
      It has become something of a tradition hereabouts to allow the people I mention to write their own biographies (well ``allow'' is a little misleading. I sorta force them to do it by threatening to write their biographies myself). In any event, here's Episkopos Ol' Sam's autobiography:

Ol' Sam was born at an early age, during the Nixon administration, and spent most of his early life being much too smart for his own good. This behavior did not change when, at age 12 or so, he stumbled across the Illuminatus! Trilogy, stubbing his toe, and getting religion -- after a fashion.
      His increasing fascination with weird beliefs led him to the Church of the SubGeniusTM, and from there to contacts via mail with other Discordians.
      When not trying to catch up with his mail, he looks for work, plays (and designs) games, and refers to himself in the third person.
      Do you believe that?
      (How's that?)