The Law of Eristic Escalation

This Law (originally found in the Honest Book of the Truth, Gospel According to Fred, 1:6) pertains to any arbitrary or coercive imposition of order. It is:

Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos

      Fenderson's Amendment adds that the tighter the order in question is maintained, the longer the consequent chaos takes to escalate, BUT the more it does when it does! [The Thudthwacker Addendum to Fenderson's Amendment goes on to prove that the presence of a nonlinear term which crops up in Fenderson's calculations serves to cause the escalation of chaos to be completely unpredictable in terms of the original imposition of order -- Ed.]
      Armed with the Law of Eristic Escalation and Fenderson's Amendment [And Thudthwacker's Addendum -- Ed.] any imbecile -- not just a sociologist -- can understand politics.
      So I will translate them into the lingua franca of the Western world: An imposition of order creates a chaos deficit, which compounds until it is paid off (by enduring all the outstanding chaos).
      Of course, Eris thinks all chaos is outstanding. But we mortals find too much of a good thing a little overwhelming. Thus we cringe when we encounter an anerism -- a pronouncement, that is, which is innocent of the Law of Eristic Escalation.
      If you hear that outlawing prostitution will eradicate rape, you are listening to an anerism -- a manifestation of the Aneristic Delusion. (If you read The Sacred Chao -- instead of skipping over it in the recommended way -- you will comprehend the anamysticmetaphysics of aneristics.)
      An anerism nearly always enters the world through the mouth of a politician -- but it can come by way of any authority figure such as a minister or a teacher or a parent or a boss or Ronald McDonald.