The Paisley Belt

Here, finally, is the response that I got from Lord Omar (written out by hand, no less), conferring upon me a Great Honor (and, e'en better, yet another title).
Rev. Al -
      I swear by the Nine Skeletons of Martin Bormann, you have earned a Paisley Belt in Zenarchy.
      If I say the Doktorin is not Absolute Truth, then I look pretty cheap sending you to Hell over it.
      At a loss for words with which to refute your redoubtable (or unredoubtable) position, I consulted Eris.
      All She said was: ``Don't worry your pretty little Pineal Gland over it.''
      Eisenhower! (San Juan Batista says most people say ``Jesus!'' when they mean ``Eisenhower!'')

      May the Madness always find you,