Other Discordian Sites

It has become far too cumbersome to mention in passing all the other Discordian Web Sites that I know about; there are too damned many of them at this point (which isn't that much of a surprise; the Internet is one Hell of a great way to Stick Apart). Therefore, I've decided to unburden the much-patched-up Principia document and move all the Discordian sites I know about to here.
      The first site I found was the Willamette Hypertext Principia, which seems to be pretty cool.
      There is yet another version that has been put up, complete with lots of scanned-in images. This is part of The Universe of Discourse, a site being maintained by Mark-Jason Dominus (the jury is still out as to whether or not we think such a name appears on his birth certificate, but after all, if we didn't think we could name ourselves better than our parents did, we wouldn't have Holy Names, would we?) and is arguably the coolest thing extant on the Web at this time (right up there with Dr. Fun, in fact).
      Then there's the Five-College Discordian Society of Saint Rufus, which has some original stuff in addition to a pointer to the Willamette site (which, despite my linkhappiness, I shall not include yet another link to).
      Some kind (or wonko) soul (or souls) took the time to scan in the entirety (and then some) of the Principia and then posted it on an FTP site. There's other stuff there, too (the Principia in straight text, for one), so make sure to browse a bit.
      Finally (for now), there's the SubGenius Web Site. They may not be Discordians (then again, I might not, either; isn't the Lack of Any Certain Knowledge [``the LACK,'' speaking succinctly; if succinct isn't your bag, go with ``the LACK of Any Certain Knowledge'' and run it on to infinity] a wonderful thing?), but they speak our lingo.
      Recently found was the ErisNET, which has links off to various bizarre and not-so-bizarre stuff (there's a pointer off to the Book of Mormon; you can decide for yourself which category that fits into).
      There is yet another list of Discordian Web sites, which can be added to by any of you with form support (everyone can read it, though [I think]).
      As a labor of love (or out of a love of labor; one can rarely be sure), Pope Icky went out onto the Web with the intent of finding every web page that mentions HyperDiscordia. He checked every bot, crawler, worm, and stupid-long hotlist he could find, and here be the results of his Holey Quest. These links may not be Discordian themselves (see LACK, above), but they at the very least spread the Word (and the Word is: ``quagmire.'' Say the Word and the duck will give you $100 [This is Groucho Marx, not to be confused with Groucho Christ; his thing was that saying the Word causes the Angel to come down and give the contestant eternal salvation. Easy mistake to make, I know.].). We thank them, five and all.